Continent of MU


Exp: 99999
Drop: 5000x

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Server: offline 34 Players
  • Version Season 14 Part 2
  • Experience 99999
  • Drop 5000x
  • Total of accounts 1.478
  • Total of characters 2.388
  • Total of guilds 17




  • ADMIN Offline
  • Astral Online
  • WardenGame Offline
  • Aster Offline

Holiday Season Donation Promo!

I think the issue with discount coupons will last longer than expected.
Hence, we will do donation for now manually

. Here are the mechanics:
25% off any donation today til January 2, 2023
How? Message me here in discord before paying.
If you choose to pay in full price in website,
You will get the following: 1. $80 Da FG package = get a BONUS BA SET/S4 SS10 SET + Conq Wings
2. $70 Ba FG package = get a BONUS S4 pair weapon+Conq Wings
3. $50 Da gear w/o penta = get a bonus pentagram of choice w/o errtel
Please message me here for which class the bonus items wil be. First 10 to donate only will get any of the discounted package. Happy holidays and take care. God Bless you and hope you bless someone also -Astral