Continent of MU


Exp: 99999
Drop: 5000x

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Server: offline 34 Players
  • Version Season 14 Part 2
  • Experience 99999
  • Drop 5000x
  • Total of accounts 1.478
  • Total of characters 2.388
  • Total of guilds 17




  • ADMIN Offline
  • Astral Online
  • WardenGame Offline
  • Aster Offline


Chests and trades All Maps
Zen command /money
Chaos machine Default
Drops 5000x
Experience 99999
Monsters 95% Free - 100% Vip
PK /clearpk
Reset /reset - Acumulativo
Spots Elbeland 3, Lost 7, Deep Dungeon, Ferea, Acheron
Version Season 14 Part 2
Blood Castle habilitado
Castle Siege habilitado
Chaos Castle habilitado
Crywolf Fortress habilitado
Devil Square habilitado
Gold Invasion habilitado
Kalima habilitado
Kantru/Maya desabilitado
LorenDeep habilitado
White Wizard habilitado
Players online 34
Record online 39
Castle siege owner
Next confrontation 0
Server status Offline
Total of accounts 1478
Total of characters 2388
Total of guilds 17
Total of vips 156
Banned accounts 17
Banned characters 6
/reset Resetar Personagem.
/autoreset Disabled
/autoattack Mu Helper
/offattack Disabled
/store Abrir uma Personal Store.
/offstore Disabled for now
Clear ml skills Buy Gray Oblivion Scroll at Lorencia NPC
/clearpk Limpar Status Pk.
/change Evolve class
/online Listar Players ou ADMs/GMs Online.
/skin GM command only


Free Silver Gold
Information Sim Sim Sim
Informações Sim Sim Sim
Avatar Sim Sim Sim
Mover Sim Sim Sim
Last IP Connected Sim Sim Sim
Alterar Nickname Sim Sim Sim
Transferir Resets Sim Sim Sim
Alterar Password Sim Sim Sim
Alterar E-mail Sim Sim Sim
Clear Vault Sim Sim Sim
Clear Inventário Sim Sim Sim
Resetar Sim Sim Sim
Repair Sim Sim Sim
Transferir VIP Sim Sim Sim
Master Reset Sim Sim Sim
Redistribuir ponto Sim Sim Sim
Rebuild Master Skill Sim Sim Sim